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What Is A Private Line?

Utilities typically only locate lines that they own; any lines installed by businesses or homeowners to other structures or utility using devices on the property are considered private and are usually not located.  Water and sewer companies locate main water lines in easements and right-of-ways and lines to a meter, but may not locate the lines from a meter to a home, or sewer laterals.

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Contract Locators

Cable Hound Tracking, LLC 910-895-9439

Cox Utility Services, Inc. 888-269-8740

Hotwire Communications, Inc. 866-914-3907

Integrity Locating Services LLC - Charlotte, NC 704-960-3066 Raleigh, NC 910-630-0754

J & J Underground Utilities, LLC 336-471-4738

One Call Concepts Locating Services, Inc. 800-545-7068

S & N Locating Services, LLC 804-221-6059

Scout Communications 919-616-9399

Southeastern Locating Services, LLC 252-560-7409

Stake Center Locating 801-364-1063

USIC Locating Services, Inc. 800-762-0592

Private Line Locators

811 Services Group, Inc. 704-975-4448

Advanced Infrastructure Mapping, LLC 757-785-5177

Allied Associates 336-765-2377

American Leak Detection 919-669-2890

An Olameter Company, DPG 855-286-4227

Badger Daylighting Corporation - Charlotte, NC 704-770-5076 Lexington, SC 803-210-9804

CHD Environmental 828-505-6301

East Coast Underground, LLC 910-709-5210

ESP Associates, P. A. 919-678-1070

Fleming Engineering 336-391-9553

GEL Engineering of NC, Inc. 919-544-1100

Joyner Keeny, PLLC Rocky Mount, NC 252-977-3124 Fayetteville, NC 910-920-3275

KCI Associates of North Carolina 919-985-1444

Maser Consulting P.A. 704-780-5852

Mulkey Engineers & Consultants 866-907-7576

Northstate Utility Locating, Inc. 336-399-1162

Piedmont Locating Services 336-391-5542

Precise Locate, Inc. 336-616-3279

Projects R & F USA, LLC 919-633-4743

Southeastern Locating Services, LLC 252-560-7409

Spot’em, Inc. 704-890-5757

Stewart Engineering, Inc. 919-244-5129

Summit Environmental Services 704-618-5550

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor 704-527-2535

The John R. McAdams Company 919-717-0332

Underground Solutions of NC, LLC 919-896-0571

Last Updated June 16, 2017