Contact 811 three business days prior to your digging project to have public utilities located.

Safety is number one at NC811 and “Safety Sam” is helping us share that message with everyone. If you would like “Safety Sam” to visit your place of business, school, trade show or any other events, please contact our eduaction department to schedule his appearance.

​AUGUST 5th, 2020

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NC law requires anyone engaging in excavation or demolition activities to contact NC811 at least three working days prior to starting the work. NC811 will then notify the member facility owners within your area of excavation or demolition. The member facility owner has three working days to provide a response and to mark any underground facilities that may be in conflict with the work area. Only publicly owned lines will be marked by the facility owner. NC811 is a non-profit organization fully funded by the member facility owners and managed by a board of directors. NC811 is not a government agency.

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Update Lite allows excavators to update a locate request.

Have utilities located for a single address, residence or business.

Since 1978 North Carolina 811 has provided you a fast and easy communications link with your local utility providers. You give us information about your excavation, we transmit the information to the utilities and then they send out locators to mark your publicly managed underground lines for FREE. Contact 811 or 1-800-632-4949 three working days before you plan on digging.  #SafetyFirst