Requires iOS 9.0 or higher

Experiencing problems with the NC811 app or just have a question?
Contact Steven Moore in the Education Department at In your email please include your name, phone number, the type of mobile device or phone you are using and what the question or problem is. Department hours are 7 am to 4 pm, Monday - Friday. If your request is outside of those hours Steven will contact you at the start of the next business day. 

Requires Android 6.0 or higher

The NC811 released a new app in October 2018. If you still have the old app, take a moment and download the new one from either the Apple App store or Google Play store. After your install is complete, download any updates to the app by following the steps below.

NC811 App FAQ

I had the old app. When the new app updated on my phone certain features of the app weren't working correctly.

We have found that the new app, when simply updated can cause our users to experience some issues. Uninstall the app completely from your phone and download the latest app directly from your app store. That has shown to resolve 99% of all problems users have experienced.

Some parts of the app seem to take a while to load, why is that?

Many sections of the app work off of web pages the buttons are linked to and load time will be based on your cellular or wifi connection. The faster your internet speed, the faster the load time will be.

Near Ticket will not pull up tickets in my area.

Location services for your phones default web browser may need to be enabled on your device. When using the links such as Near Ticket or Newtin Log-In, the link in the app moves you out of the app and to your device's web browser. From there the browser needs your phones permission to share your location information for Near Ticket to work. Depending on your device, Andriod or Apple, follow your manufactures instruction on enabling Location Services.

Instructions on how to adjust Location Service for Safari on your iPhone

I am an Android user and the new app won't open after I download it on my phone.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app on your phone. Our older version is no longer supported and may not work properly. The old version had a green and yellow icon. The new app will have a blue and white icon. If you are having trouble finding the new app simply click here.

The app looks different on my tablet than my phone (Android user).

This can be caused by not having the most up to date OS on your device. Our app requires that you have Android 6.0 or higher. Apple users must have iOS 9.0 or higher. If you aren't sure what version you have on your Android device, refer to this article. Android Version

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