A design or survey ticket is created by request from companies or individuals responsible for designing underground facilities or those who require a general description and location of existing underground facilities in an area.  The process of submitting a design/survey ticket is similar to submitting a location request for digging.  A ticket can be requested by calling North Carolina 811, Inc. directly at 8-1-1 or by creating a design/survey ticket online through the Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) program.  The information needed to complete the design/survey request includes:

​Caller Information   
- Company name
- Address
- Phone number
- Contact name
Location Information
- Address
- Street name
- Cross street name

​Specific area covered by the design or survey request
Since there will be no digging and, therefore, no risk to the underground utilities; the member utilities or their contract locators have 10 full working days to respond to a design/survey ticket instead of the usual 3 full working days. 
​This response may include:

1. Designation of the underground facilities in the appropriate APWA color code using paint or flags.
2. Providing operator maintained facility records or the best available description of the underground facility in the proposed
design area which may include drawings marked with a scale, dimension, and reference points.
3. Allow person submitting the design notice or any other authorized person to inspect drawing or other records at a location
that is acceptable to the operator. 

​The member facility owner will respond to the design/survey request with one of the below positive response codes:

- 92 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐No Facilities in the Area
- 94 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ Facility Records Provided
- 98 SURVEY DESIGN REQUEST ‐ Access to Facility Records Provided 
​- 100 Location request denied due to Homeland Security Concern.  Member utility operator needs to confirm legitimacy of
​ the proposed excavation and may need additional information.