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Service Overview
Utility companies have many buried (underground) facilities throughout their service area. When anyone, such as a contractor or homeowner, decides to dig they may hit one of these facilities and may cause serious damage, injury or death to themselves and/or others. Before anyone digs, they must have utility company personnel or their representatives go to the dig site and mark where the underground facilities are so that they may be avoided. Before the existence of North Carolina 811, Inc. a contractor had to make many phone calls to notify the utility companies of the dig. In doing so, a contractor might not always alert all of the utility companies that had facilities in the area.


What is North Carolina 811
We are located in Greensboro, North Carolina. North Carolina 811, Inc. is a non-profit organization that takes excavation information from contractors, utilities, homeowners or from anyone engaged in excavation activities. This information is then transmitted to our members who fund our organization. Each caller is informed of the members that will be notified. The excavator needs to call directly, any utility owners or their representative that is not a member, to physically mark the utility lines.

The Center provides a toll-free
 number 1-800-632-4949 in or outside North Carolina in the continental United States, 811 may be dialed within the state of North Carolina. North Carolina 811, Inc. does not mark utility lines, but it does provide an easy communications link between the excavator and utility owners.‚Äč