NC811 Membership – Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost me to become a member?
It doesn’t cost anything to become a member.  Once active, the member will pay the per transmission cost, which could change each year.

What is the per ticket cost vs a percentage cost?
Per ticket cost can vary from month to month, but once on the percentage cost each member will know the amount they will pay each month for the entire calendar year.

  • Per transmissions costs changes each year, please contact the Member Services Department for the current years per transmission rate.
  • Flat Rate fee is a pro-rated share of each year’s approved operating annual budget based upon the percent of transmissions (tickets) received by each member of the total transmissions sent out by the Notification Center during the time frame of July 1st of the past year through June 30th of the current year.  This per cent will be applied to the approved operating budget for the upcoming calendar year and divided by 12 for the monthly amount that is billed to each member. 
  • Flat Rate fees are recalculated each year around October.
  • Minimum flat rate fee per month is $25.

When will my per ticket cost change over to a percentage cost?

  • If member becomes active (receiving tickets) between January and June of the current year, member will pay the per transmission rate until January 2019.
  • If member becomes active (receiving tickets) between July and December of the current year, member will pay the per transmission rate until January 2020.

How many tickets can I expect to receive each year?
The amount of tickets taken each year differs depending upon various projects that may be going on in the area. 

How will I receive the locate tickets from NC811?

NC811’s preferred method of transmitting tickets is by email.  Members using a contract locator can opt to receive a copy of the tickets or have them only sent to the contract locator.

Do I need a GIS System to become a member?
No, you do not need GIS to become a member.  Members can manually create their database using NC811’s Member Grid or Member Polygon Maintenance programs online.  GIS is helpful if the member has mapped their underground facilities and can export them out into a shapefile.  This shapefile can be uploaded to the Newtin System for faster database creation. 

How will NC811 know where my facilities are?

NC811 does not automatically know where a member’s facilities are.  Members must create a database utilizing a place, grid, or polygon database to specify where they wish to receive tickets.  The database tells the Newtin System when to add the member’s code to a ticket and send them a copy.

How often should I update my facility information with NC811?
Members are required to update no less than annually; however, a member may update as often as necessary to ensure that they are notified whenever digging is taking place near their facilities.  Some members update online daily and some members send updated shapefiles containing full replacements or just additions on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Will I be charged for tickets that I submit?
Yes, this is the case for all members.

Category Two - Locators

This is for contract locators or screening companies

Category Three - Associate

This is for contractors who support NC811 or companies that are private line locators

Category One - Utility

This is for a facility owner/operator

Is everyone being notified about excavation projects in your area except you?  Are your underground facilities cut as regularly as the sun comes up?  Then you should have information regarding membership in the North Carolina 811.  It is not expensive and can save you and your company big headaches.

Please Be Aware: Operators who are members of the Notification Center by whatever name that is in existence on October 1, 2013, must remain members. Operators with more than 50,000 customers or 1,000 miles of facilities who are not members on October 1, 2013, must join no later than October 1, 2014. Operators with more than 25,000 customers or 500 miles of facilities who are not members on October 1, 2013, must join no later than October 1, 2015. All operators that do not meet one of the criteria provided in this subsection must join no later than October 1, 2016. Each engineering division of the Department of Transportation established pursuant to G.S. 136-14.1 must join no later than October 1, 2016.