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OUR mission

To promote damage prevention and safe digging through communication of excavation activities and to educate facility operators, excavators and the general public.


North Carolina 811, is a non-profit organization funded by its member facilities. We take locate information from anyone engaged in excavation activities.  An excavator may include contractors, utilities, and homeowners.  The information about proposed excavation is transmitted to the member facility owners that provide service in the requested excavation area. We have a variety of member facility owners including utilities, municipalities, universities, and homeowner’s associations. Member facilities have three full working days, starting at 11:59pm the day the notice is given, to mark the locate area requested for their underground utilities or notify the excavator of no conflict in that area.

This service is free of charge to all excavators.  North Carolina 811 also takes requests from those persons who do not plan to excavate, but wish to find out what utilities are in a particular area. These types of requests are referred to as Survey/Design locate requests and they require a 10 business day notice.
North Carolina 811 provides a toll free number, 1-800-632-4949, that can be reached from anywhere in the continental United States or you may dial 811 within North Carolina.  North Carolina 811 does not mark utility lines; we do provide an easy communication link between excavators and utility owners.


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