NC 811 wants to remind excavators that it is important to remember only update tickets when the work is continuing past the 15 working days. We know there are some projects that have been suspended or otherwise postponed. If this applies to you, please make certain to STOP updating the tickets for those jobs.

When the job resumes, start a new ticket three full business days prior.

Update a locate request via Smartphone, Tablet or Computer, Day or Night. Simple to use, WEB-BASED, NOTHING TO INSTALL

Have your locate info ready

  1. Provide the locate request number needing to be updated
  2. Provide the name of the person making the Update Request
  3. Provide the phone number given when the locate request was created
  4. Provide the email address if wanting a copy of the request

Preview, Verify & Submit

  1. Receive an updated locate request number
  2. Receive a listing of NC811 members being notified
  3. Receive update and expiration dates