Click on the above brochure to learn more about Web TMS.

WebTMS is a program designed to allow efficient and effective management of location requests received by the members of North Carolina 811.

Some of the benefits that WebTMS offers are:

  • Receive tickets from NC811 via email
  • built-in support for multiple member codes
  • Parses the tickets into a database for retrieval
  • Tickets can be auto-assigned (dispatched) by a variety of options
  • Optional Alert when emergency tickets arrive
  • Printing, Manual Assignments and Re-Assignments on a per ticket basis or multiple selections at once
  • Mapping application that allows members to view all open ticket as color coded "points"
  • Search engine that allows ticket retrieval based on ticket number, date received, contractor, phone, location, utility member code, etc.
  • Reports that include System Status, Event Viewer, End of Day Reports, Broadcast Messages, Ticket Due and Responses waiting to be sent.
  • Automatically update the Positive Response System when tickets are closed out. Excavators will receive an email with the status of each utility if an email address was provided on the ticket. If no email address is available, excavators can retrieve the response from the NC811 website or by calling 1-877-632-5050.

There are so many great features of WebTMS, with only a few listed. Contact Lesley Brouillard for more information.